Jill C. Eilenberger, L.C.S.W.
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Imago Relationship Therapist
Certified Eating Disorder Specialist

Eating Disorder? Or Disordered Eating?
Anorexia? Binge Eating? Night Eating? Bulimia? Compulsive Eating? Emotional Eating?

You may be wondering if you, your son, daughter, spouse or friend has an eating disorder. If you do not feel good about how you are eating, you may have disordered eating, or the beginning of an eating disorder or possibly you may already meet the criteria for an eating disorder.

Regardless of which label you pick for yourself, now is a good time to enlist the help of a psychotherapist. If your son or daughter is under 21 a combination of family therapy and individual therapy may be appropriate. Jill Eilenberger understands that parents want to be involved in the recovery process and provides family therapy when appropriate.

Premarital Therapy, Marital Therapy, Couples Counseling

Jill Eilenberger believes that in order for a couple to have a good relationship, it takes two whole happy people willing to work hard at co-creating the type of fulfilling relationship they both want. In couples counseling you will learn how to:

discuss sensitive issues reduce day-to-day tensions
express yourself without blaming or attacking. express care and affection
Gain new appreciation and optimism for your significant other

Jill is highly skilled in EMDR, DBT, and Hypnosis.

Self Pay or Insurance? Insure Your Confidentiality

If you choose to use your insurance to pay for your therapy visits, you will not be guaranteed of confidentiality. The insurance company will have access to your records and diagnosis. Many individuals currently are electing to pay for psychotherapy to prevent creating a paper trail. Most insurance companies do not pay for marital therapy.

Jill Eilenberger, Psychotherapist

Email Jill for an appointment or for more information at
or dial (704)-591-0648

Hours: Mon - Friday
Late mornings, afternoons, and early evenings.

Park Seneca Building

1515 Mockingbird Lane
Suite 408
Charlotte, NC 28209

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 Park Seneca Building
1515 Mockingbird Lane
Suite 408
Charlotte, NC 28209
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